Residential Aluminum

All Rite Fencing will handle any job, not matter the size. Furthermore we never forget that the vast majority of our clients are homeowners. Who are above all looking to invest in the security and beauty of their property. So we approach each client with the idea of meeting their specific needs. Whether they want aluminum ornamental fencing that shows off what’s behind it while securing it. But they also want fencing that defines the boundaries of their property, accenting their landscaping.

We also keep in mind that safety is paramount for our clients and their families. Which is why no fence is ever constructed in such a way to allow even the smallest child to slip through or easily climb over.

Security and safety aside, we help homeowners get the most out of their fencing. Allowing them to customize the fence color to match their home or accent it with black, white or bronze. Get a free estimate now, CLICK HERE.

Commercial Aluminum Fence

Ornamental Aluminum

Ornamental fencing is a versatile tool for commercial property owners. Again for use as a security measure and also as a way to accent the beauty of a parcel and its landscaping. Whether it’s a golf course, apartment complex, shopping center or even a national park.

Depending on its intended use, ornamental aluminum fencing can be tailored to a specific height, strength and wall thickness. We understand that commercial property faces different stresses. If the fence is constructed in a busy area, it’s likely people will lean on it. Furthermore, someone might hang signs on it, etc. The fence will need to be a little stronger than one constructed in a residential neighborhood. Strong enough to withstand the stress of the weight.

All Rite Fencing also offers further security with its ornamental fencing. With such types used in greenhouses, securing a metal mesh between pickets, so people can see the beautiful plants inside, but they cannot touch or take them.


Ornamental fencing is a strong, effective barrier. Suitable for protecting embassies, corporate headquarters, military bases and other sites that require a higher level of security and strength. Aluminum fence is an appropriate barriers in low- and medium-security areas as well. A taller fence also helps secure a property by discouraging climbing and further restricting the view, and solid gates help secure entryways.

Swimming pools

Among the most important uses for Ornamental Aluminum fencing. The one that accounts for 70 percent of its use is for securing a pool area. For this we recommend open picket design, which allows adults to monitor the pool area from other areas of the yard. Aluminum fences are ideal for enclosing pools because the damp environment of a pool area does not affect them. Get a free estimate now, CLICK HERE.

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